What’s the Best Dog Stroller?

One of the best parts of having a dog is sharing new places and new experiences with your four-legged friend. An easy way to show your pup whole new worlds is in a dog stroller. Doggy strollers let your pet stay safe and cozy in a confined area while you explore new areas and enjoy new experiences.

What’s the best dog stroller? The best dog stroller is comfortable, easy-to-use, supports your dog’s weight and has some creature comforts for you, too. We’ve scoured the internet and read all the reviews to find the best dog stroller. In this blog, we’ll do an in-depth review of the Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller.

Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller

Polar Bear and I lucked out. We were gifted our Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller by our friends at VOCAL.You can purchase the Paws and Pals Deluxe stroller from Chewy.com. This particular dog stroller model retails for $69.95 with free 1-2 day shipping. It’s price is competitive for dog strollers with similar features.

Over all, Polar Bear and I give the Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller two paws [thumbs] up. We’re happy with our stroller, and think it just might be the best dog stroller you’ll find on the market today. What to know why? Keep reading for our full dog stroller review.

Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller: The Details

The Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller lets your pet ride in style. The stroller has three large wheels, which means it can tackle all kinds of rough terrain — everything from gravel or mulched trails to brick city sidewalks downtown. The three wheel pet stroller is perfect for the active set, as it can also be used as a jogger pet stroller.

The front wheel turns a full 360-degrees, so the stroller actually feels pretty nimble. It is easy to steer and easy to maneuver, which makes it good for navigating crowds (like we did at the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market) or trails (like we plan to at the trailhead near our house).

The stroller weights in at 16 pounds. This means it’s solid enough to feel substansial, but easy to push and maneuver. However, because the stroller is lightweight, it can only accomodate pets up to 40 lbs. It has two built in leash-like straps to secure your dog, so you can ride with up to two small dogs or one medium-sized dog.  

The interior of the carriage part of the Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller is cozy. It is a thick nylon material, so it seems like it will withstand abuse from Polar Bear’s nails. The carriage is padded, so it’s comfy. The carriage is also pretty roomy. Polar Bear, a 12-lb chihuahua mix, has plenty of room to lie down or sit up as he rides. A zippered mesh screen covers the carriage, so you can ride with it opened or closed. Polar Bear seems like like the stroller best when the screen is zipped closed. I think he feels more secure like when he’s in his crate.The mesh screen allows your dog to see out of the carriage and lets air flow in and out. Polar Bear seems very comfortable when he’s in the stroller.

The stroller also has brakes on the back wheels. These are perfect for when you need to pause for a moment to chat with a friend, make a purchase at the market or stop for a photo. To use the brake you simply tap a lever between the back wheels with your foot.

The stroller features some creature comforts for the human pusher, too. The stroller has a tray with two cup holders near the handle — which is perfect for holding your iced coffee or water bottle. The stroller also features a lever on the handle to fold the stroller with one hand. It’s still pretty bulky even when folded. However, it will fit in the trunk or backseat of my small sedan when folded.

The stroller also has a compartment underneath the carriage to hold your essentials or purchases if you’re out shopping. It’s actually a pretty convenient setup. The stroller lets you focus on your pet and enjoy your surroundings.

Dog Stroller Assembly

Our Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller came unassembled in a big box. The stroller came with 7 pieces:

  • 3 wheels
  • The carriage
  • The back axle and brake bar
  • Cup holder tray
  • Plastic covering

The pieces are covered in plastic sheeting to protect them during shipping. Be careful removing the plastic before assembly. I accidentally scratched the frame of the stroller removing the plastic sheeting.

I assembled the stroller in about half an hour. The instructions were easy to follow. No tools were required. We did have two leftover screws — I’m not sure where they were suppose to go. We’ve logged a few miles on our stroller and it seems solid even without the extra screws.

The assembly process is easily outlined in the instruction manual. The step-by-step instructions take you through assembling the stroller with ease. I did have to re-read a few steps just to make sure I got them right, but the process was simple — even for someone who isn’t very handy. The only challenging part was attaching the back wheels and brake to the frame of the stroller. It took a bit of force to get it to click into place.

Polar Bear and I are very pleased the with Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller. We give it two paws up!

Why Do You Need a Dog Stroller?

There are a number of reasons why a dog stroller is a good investment for you and your pooch.

These reasons might include:

  1. Easier vet visits: Ever drag your dog into the vet on his leash? A stroller makes entering the vet’s office easy because your dog is in a familiar, cozy environment.
  2. Navigating crowds: Polar Bear hates crowds of people. He gets nervous and spooks easily. I fear he’ll get scared in the crowd and try to run away again. When he’s in his stroller, we can conquer the crowd with ease. He’s more comfortable and he’s tethered into the secure stroller. He’s safer and secure in the stroller.
  3. More quality time: You can spend more time with your dog when you can go more places together. When I take Polar Bear to the downtown farmers’ market in his stroller, he gets to safely experience new sights and sounds. I also get to enjoy his company as we shop and stroll. It’s a win-win.
  4. Walk or jog without tiring your dog: Polar Bear is good on a walk for about an hour. After that, he starts getting tired. He’ll plop down on the sidewalk and act like each extra step is agonizing for him. When we’re in his stroller, I can walk as long as I want without worrying about him getting too tired.
  5. Protect your dog’s paws: Polar Bear and I live in sunny Florida where it gets HOT. This means the sidewalks and streets get hot, too. A stroller ride lets him get fresh air and enjoy the outdoors without risk of burning his precious paws on the concrete. The same theory might apply in colder climates when the sidewalks are treated with ice melt.
  6. Help older dogs get around: Polar Bear is young and spry, but I can imagine our stroller will come in handy when he’s a senior and less mobile.

There are many other reasons why you might choose to outfit your dog with a stroller. Drop us a comment and tell us why a stroller works for you!

Other Dog Stroller Options

The Paws and Pals Deluxe Stroller is perfect for pooches up to 40 lbs. What if you need a stroller for a bigger dog? What if you want something that’s not so bulky and better for traveling? Don’t worry — there are still dog stroller options available for you. Here are a few other stroller options for your dog.

Dog Stroller for Travel: Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller

Looking for a stroller with great reviews that folds down into a compact package for easy travel? Consider the Pet Gear Travel Lite Stroller. This stroller weighs in a 8.5 lbs so it is super easy to maneuver. According to reviews, it folds down easily and is perfect for stowing in the truck for adventures with your dog. Be careful, this stroller only supports dogs up to 30 pounds. Its features include safety brakes, a mesh screen for ventilation and viewing, and a water resistant liner (because accidents happen).

Dog Stroller for Big Dogs: Pet Gear Expedition No Zip Stroller

Polar Bear’s stroller is perfect for little dogs. If you’ve got a big dog who wants a sweet ride, check out the Pet Gear Expedition No Zip Stroller. It features zipperless entry.  This stroller is appropriate for dogs up to 150 lbs. This means you can take your Labradoodle, Golden Retriever, or even your Great Dane with you on adventures. This dog stroller for big dogs is a heavy 26 lbs, so it is strong enough to support your dog.

Dog Stroller for Bicycles: Solvit HoundAbout Classic Steel Bicycle Trailer

If you’re seeking for a bicycle stroller or bike trailer for your dog, look no further than the Solvit HoundAbout Classic Steel Bicycle Trailer. This bicycle trailer for dogs lets you enjoy your active lifestyle with your pet in tow. The medium-sized trailer holds pets up to 50 lbs, so it’s good for small and medium sized breeds. You can convert the bike trailer into a regular push stroller with an attachment which is sold separately.

Do you have a stroller for your dog? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments and enjoy the ride!

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